• There will be a $30 registration fee per semester of lessons.
  • This is due at the time of registration and must be paid before any lessons can take place.
  • This fee goes to help with administrative costs throughout the semester


  • Monthly tuition cost will be $80 for the 2018/2019 year
  • Tuition will be split into 8 monthly payments billed Sept. – April
  • Tuition will be automatically drafted from your credit/debit card on the 3 rd of each month 
  • Students that start in the middle of the semester will be given a pro-rated tuition plan


  • Each semester package will consist of 16 lessons
    • Fall Semester
      • August 13 -December 7
      • (Make up Week: December 9)
    • Spring Semester
      • January 6-May 3  
      • (Make up Weeks: May 5, May 12, May 19)
  • Lessons will be held weekly for 30 minutes
  • Click HERE to access our 2018/2019 calendar


Workbooks and music will be decided upon by your individual instructor. Any materials that you will need to purchase will be communicated to you directly by them, and are not included in the monthly tuition cost.


  • Regular attendance of your lessons is very important to keep up the progression of learning and to hone your skills properly.
  • Students will be allowed 2 make-up lessons per semester if needed.
  • Make-up lessons will take place at the end of each semester during the scheduled make-up weeks, at the regularly scheduled lesson time.
  • Communication for missed lessons should be made directly between the student and the instructor. If a student misses a lesson and fails to notify the instructor at least 12 hours prior to the lesson time, the student will not be awarded a make-up lesson.
  • If you miss a lesson without letting your instructor or the School know ahead of time, this is considered a “no call-no show”. The instructor will make a reasonable attempt to get in contact with you in order to inquire whether you want to continue the lessons. If a second no call-show is committed, then we will consider your time slot forfeited and will make it available for rebooking.

Summer Lessons

  • Summer lessons will be available on a shortened semester program. Information will be sent out by r|School of Music & Worship      prior to the end of the Spring Semester, for those interested.